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RapidEssay.com is a company that provides services in writing the essay, written paper, and college essay, among others. As you evaluate the best writing service, you should have prior knowledge of what to assess them with as will be discussed below. Having used RapidEssay.com in my assignments, I was able to learn much about this company, and I am pleased to briefly share my experience about the company in the form of the following parameters and my ratings in each one of them.

Usability and design of the site

RapidEssay.com has an impressive site that will catch your attention if you were roaming in the internet looking for a writer service. Of significance, is that I took a keen eye on the usability of the site, and I discovered their contents are systematically arranged. Their phone contact, live chat, and email are provided on top if you have any query. I give them a rating of 5 out of 5.

Quality of writers

RapidEssay.com is the best in terms of quality content than all the other writing services I have used before. The quality of my papers was above my expectations. The flow of the material was a clear indication that a native English speaker wrote it. The choice of words made me read the content again and again, and my work received an excellent recommendation from my professor. I can say the writers are nothing less than my professor. The writers obeyed my instructions to the letter, and this made me a loyal customer every time I require essay writing service. To me, out of 5 scores, I give them all.


RapidEssay.com is a writing service that minds its customers, considering that some of its clients are undergraduate and have tight budgets most of the time. I paid less than I expected, an amount of $25 per essay for each of the four undergraduate essays, and they delivered before the deadline of two weeks was over. The discounts I have enjoyed over time, considering I have been a loyal customer to them has significantly been amazing. In every four essays, they have extended a hand of doing one for free. It will be mean of me to complain about their prices. Out of 5 scores, I give them all.


RapidEssay.com are so loyal with deadlines. They were able to deliver my essays even before the deadline. This is an indication that they are passionate in their work, and it is their pleasure to serve its customers. I was able to concentrate on my side hustles without a thing to worry, knowing that they will deliver my essay on time. It was quite interesting to proofread the essay more than once knowing that in case of an error, I had enough time to correct it by myself or give them for a rewrite. However, I felt like they delivered it too early something that made me worry a little whether they had done it for a rush of money or out of pure heart, but the paper was still okay. I rated them 4 out of 5 with this deadline.

Customer service

RapidEssay.com are so much concerned with their customers. They are like one call away because whenever I gave them a call, I didn’t wait for long in the queue. Sometimes I used live chats, and they responded a moment too soon compared to other writing services. Their email is also active all the time. Their 24-hour activeness made me worry less about my essay whenever I had something to check or add them an instruction. I don’t have any complaint with them because they have met my expectations and I am pretty sure if I have they will listen to me. Something I didn’t like was the high call rate because every time I called, I rarely remained with sufficient airtime balance. I rated them 4.5/5.


RapidEssay.com is the best writing service, and I generally rate it at 4.5 /5. It offers the best quality a customer would be pleased with. Its integrity with prices is so high, and a loyal customer would like to work with them time and again. The company does not inconvenience you with deadlines something which is quite recommendable. I think it is the best company that cares for your grades as a student. I highly recommend RapidEssay.com for anyone.


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