Review is a professional site offering custom essay online writing services. Custom essays are precisely papers designed per customer demands. It provides these services at a cost. The process just like any other site requires that you upload your assignment. The payment follows the type of essay you upload and the number of pages needed. The duration does not matter since delivery is on the client’s basis.

Usability and design of the site

The site is well structured. It is easily accessible is also mobile friendly. The website can be understood easily by a first timer. It has a drop-down menu hidden at the top right of the layout. The site has been categorized for every need of the user. Should the client be of high school, college, university, master’s or Ph.D. level, they are all portioned in the order domain. These partitions have drop-down menus. In other words, all academic levels, together with the various academic papers for each category are listed in the order section. The site has a fantastic design. Unfortunately. The website does not inform the clients how many successful jobs it has executed. On the bright side, it does monthly analysis of customer feedback and post on their site. The site also offers confidentiality for the clients; hence there is no reason to worry. Therefore, the user should rest assured of the security of the process.

Quality of writers

The grammar, punctuation, and originality are something the site attends to particularly well. Even then, there are several issues that the website needs to address. Their site might be delivering plagiarism free essays, but the depth of understanding of the topics is scarce. I did my assessment uploading a research paper; the results scarcely met my expectations. The job’s delivery was on time, but the quality was not up to my desired level. There is no transparent process of how they recruit their writers. As such, they do not adequately suffice the job requirements. Fortunately, the site allows for revision of the research papers completed and delivered.


The prices on this platform are relatively low compared to other sites. Such rates are an upper hand for the website considering students work on a tight budget. Even then, low prices may be an indicator of the quality of the jobs. However, there are no discounts offered.

Additionally, the editing services get charged. The price for any high school paper is $10 per page. Proofreading costs $5 per page. The highest price for any Ph.D. online writing service on this site is $29 per page. The price is a bit lower for university papers. The highest price being $16 per page. In other words, for all the academic levels, prices range from $10 through $29 per page. The prices progress with the academic level.


The jobs are allowed 3 hours to 14 days lifespan. That is a considerably favorable aspect to the clients. It is almost a provision for the preparation of payment for the client; that is if the amount is not ready. Additionally, the paper writing service provides for declining the paper when the deadline is due.

Customer service

Customer support is critical for the success of any site. The site offers 24/7 support that is not always available. It has a live chat and call icon on the website. There is also no clear way to access the support service except for the phone number listed at the top of the website. In my assessment, I made an inquiry by making a call that took some time to get a response. The point may be, they ultimately responded.

Additionally, customer service is amicable are soft spoken. Even then, the response was not sufficiently answering my inquiries. The support service is an entire process that should involve the writers too. For my research paper, the writer did not make attempts to ask any questions regarding my writing.


The site has a great website with a few manageable flaws. The most important part of the website is the quality of the writers where in my assessment failed. Therefore, the site should make attempts to recruit more qualified professional writers. It should probably be aware of scams parading as professional writers. I give a 2/5.


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