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You need the best writing service that can write a paper for you at an affordable price. On top of that, it is important to go for an essay writing company that has the right team of writers, user-friendly site and best support team. More so, the best essay writing services provider should allow the writer and requestor to interact to ensure that the instructions are followed to the dot. is one of the essay writing agencies. The agency has been in the writing industry for over ten years. Here is a review of the writing service agency.

Usability and design of the site – 2/5

As a writing agency that has been in the industry for a decade, people expect the site to have an updated website that is user-friendly. However, this is not the case. First, the site has many items on the dashboard, and you can even know which one to use to get the information you need. If you have not used any other writing service site before, you can find this site hard to navigate but placing an order is a bit easy. When compared to top writing services providers, the site’s design is way below.

Quality of writers – 2/5

Writing a paper of high quality requires a site to have the best writers. Writers working in top writing agencies have master’s degrees, and many of them have all it takes to deliver papers of high quality. Experience is key when it comes to essay writing. claims to have the best writers, but that is not the case. From customer testimonials, the site has inexperienced writers. Some clients say that the site has writers who are not even done with a college education. If you want a term paper of high quality, you should look for a better writing agency with top writers.

Prices – 2/5

Many students don’t have a big budget. For that reason, they look for writing services providers who offer quality writing services at affordable prices. We all know that writing services charge differently depending on the level of education. Also, the prices may vary depending on your deadline. Dissertations and other papers of higher education levels are expensive. If you have an urgent term paper, you will need to spend more per page. charges at least $13.60 per page for a professional essay. This is expensive for many students. Many good sites are offering better services at lower prices. They also claim to offer discounts, but when we ordered a term paper, no discount was offered.

Deadlines – 2/5

Students work with deadlines when it comes to submitting their assignments as well as term papers. For that reason, deadline is a key factor you need to consider when selecting a writing services provider. In the past, the company used to deliver papers on time, but it is a rarity nowadays. No one can tell what has changed, but this is a result of writers who don’t value deadlines. If you don’t get your paper on time, you can end up failing your exams. Imagine it is your final term paper and is not delivered on time? Things can be very sour. If you have an urgent order, you need to look for professional assistance elsewhere.

Customer service – 2/5

What is the purpose of a customer service support on a writing service site? Here is the role of a support agent;

  • Respond to requestors queries at any time
  • Respond to the writer’s questions at all times
  • Helping to solve disputes between writers and requestors
  • Making sure that all clients are satisfied with the services
  • Reaching out to requestors and writers in case of any change

The services may not be limited to the above, but a writing service provider should have the best support team that offers the best customer services. Clients should be satisfied at all times. doesn’t satisfy their clients fully. Most of their services are poor and don’t even respond to calls. When it comes to their support team, they may take hours before they respond to your queries even if it was urgent. Assistance is such a rarity on the site, and you may get frustrated when you hire them to write a paper for you.


From above it is evident that is not a reliable writing services provider. The site has writers who are not trained and don’t have the required knowledge to deliver top quality term papers. On top of that, their prices are way high compared to many online writing agencies. The site is not suitable for urgent orders as the deadline is an issue on the site. Therefore, if you are looking for a writing agency to write a paper for you, is not the best option for you.


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