Review is one of the essay writing company whose services include nearly all academic levels. A lot is said about the company such as the hiring of only native English speakers as writers, quality work output free of grammar mistakes, friendly customer support, and relatively lower prices, among others. One may wonder if all these can be achieved within the company operation. Let’s not judge them with shallow information; the review will detail the company in many aspects.

Usability and design of the site

I think this is where have invested some efforts. Their site is eye-catching with customized features to enhance easy surfing and user-friendly. The content displayed is decently organized with clear instructions for every piece. With a single visit to the site, you can get more information about the company and its services than you expected. The only problem with their website is the incredible amount of information that isn’t much necessary to be availed. For those looking for basic knowledge about this writing service, they feel feed with too much information. For usability and site design, I rate 3/5 stars.

Quality of writers

Quality of writers can be accessed through the final work they deliver. Both the company and writer efforts contribute to the quality of the final product. What I like most about is the central part the company plays in ensuring every work before submitted to the client, it should pass through the company editor to check for any error. The writers, too, are aggressive and do work willingly with one heart to avoid grudges with the company and too many revisions even before the paper land on customer’s disposal. Am happy with the writers for the content they deliver, I have never secured a below average grade for more than 3 times. For the quality of writers, I rate 3/5.


For the orders I have made at, I have been paying $34 that is equivalent to a 2-page undergraduate essay with a deadline of 2 weeks. However, the many times I used the services from hoping to improve, have never seen anywhere where they talk of any promotion nor have I been given any, sad new if you are used to. The price is lined with many aspects, but surely I bet I can get the same work elsewhere with some lower prices. The free revision they praise on their website is just but an advert. With the prices, I give 2.5/5.


Deadline in the writing industry is an important aspect, yet most writing services tend to under look. Given that most of the work is academics which are associated with the grading of individuals, it should be a priority that comes immediately after the quality of the work. is not an exception on this, I was not pleased at all, after giving them a 4-page assignment for 8 days they could still not finish on time. Writers try their best; the problem is with the management who take ages to distribute work to the potential writer. I had no time to check on the paper for any basic error only to submit the way it was because the deadline was on my neck. You can never trust them with urgent essays. For deadline, I rate 2/5.

Customer service

What everyone wishes to know about before approaching any writing service is the level of customer service you will get — case in point, when you want to do some edit or refund in your order.

On the website, there are three ways you can reach them, an email address, social media links, a phone number. Nothing like live chat nor dedicated email address for specific departments. No skype even the social media links seems not regularly used. Everything here seems messy; the only thing to smile about is the sweet talked message you get when they reply to your query. I rate customer service with 2/5.


From the review, it is more than evident that there are lots of areas that need improvement with the operation of Advanced writers company. Things have changed they need to do more on bringing most of its services to the digital error. Unless they invest much of their time, efforts, and money to improve their services, they are below the standard not worth your pay. I rate 2.5/5 stars.


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